Dedicated to Helping Single Mothers With Their Education

Janet High Foundation focuses on helping single mothers who aspire to be nurses by supporting their needs. We help mothers pursue their goals by providing them with financial aid and more.

Our Foundation’s History

Our founder, Karlos Jackson, was born to a single mother who was also a nurse. She worked hard to make a better life for herself and her child. After her extensive career in the field for nearly four decades, Karlos created this program to honor his mother and her selflessness.


Our Goals

At our foundation, we work hard to provide single mothers with the support they need for themselves and their families. The scholarships we offer are not just one and done, they can be reapplied if the scholar qualifies every year that she is in the program.

Why Donate to Our Cause?

As a 501c3 nonprofit, donating to us will help those people who want to serve. You will also help their community by providing them with the tools they require. Through our efforts, we help single mothers get into programs and schools they would otherwise be unable to.

Our Organization’s Values

The Janet High Foundation believes that family is one of the most important things in life. We have faith that through love and our unending support, we can help single mothers in their pursuit of a better life.

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Academic Goals

Our foundation is committed to assisting single mothers to become exceptional nurses. To learn more about the work of our organization, speak to our team today.